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Your Reliable Plant Health Care Tree Service in Springfield Illinois

At Kresse Tree Wurxx in Springfield, Illinois we care about the health of the plants on your property. Whether you have trees or shrubs, our trained team will know exactly what your plants need. There are many different ways to care for the health of your plants. We provide storm clean-up, mulching, and trimming which helps keep your trees clear and healthy. The best plant health care service we can provide is a visit from a certified Arborist. Arborists are tree experts and will know exactly what services your tree will need. Are you interested in your trees and shrubs’ health care? Contact us today to put your plants’ health first.

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ISA Certified Arborist

Arborists are professionals in the practice of arboriculture, otherwise known as tree surgeons. At Kresse Tree Wurxx in Springfield, Illinois our Arborists are ISA certified to ensure your trees are in the best hands when you choose our tree services. Arborists are the best individuals to make informed decisions about what proper care your tree or shrubs need. Arborists can also determine if your tree is sick and if it is salvageable or needs to be removed. When you choose a tree service company with an Arborist, you can ensure your trees will be taken care of. Do you need to call a doctor? Call us today to schedule a tree service with our Arborist.

Storm Clean-Up

Storms can be damaging to you or your home. However, storms can also be a threat to the health of your trees. If not taken care of, damaged branches and debris left from the storm can be hazardous to your trees. At Kresse Tree Wurxx in Springfield, Illinois we offer the community with reliable storm clean-up services so your tree’s health is not in jeopardy. When you choose Kresse Tree Wurxx to clean up after a storm you can expect our team to work promptly and efficiently. Our team is always available to provide storm clean-up services no matter how big or small the job is! Contact us today for your free estimate!

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When you choose a tree service company with an Arborist, you can ensure your trees will be taken care of

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Kresse Tree Wurxx offers an excellent mulching service for the Springfield, IL area that is great for your tree’s health! When you put mulch around your trees or shrubs, you are providing more than just a nice touch to your landscaping. By using mulch, you are providing nutrients to your plants as well as providing a protective barrier for your plants’ roots system. Mulch surprisingly has a variety of benefits when it’s added to your yard such as suppressing weeds, enriching the soil, retaining moisture in the soil, regulating soil temperatures, and preventing soil erosion. If you want healthy long-lasting plants, mulch is a great and affordable choice!

Tree Trimming

Sometimes all a tree needs to be saved from infection is removing or trimming affected branches or tree limbs. At Kress Tree Wurxx in Springfield, Illinois our certified Arborist can determine the best plan to ensure your tree gets the best treatment. Our team of experts will then remove and trim any part of the tree that can be causing problems to the health of your tree. It is best to have your trees checked and trimmed routinely so that it is never too late to save a tree from infectious diseases that can affect more than just the tree. Give your tree the care it deserves and schedule your routine tree trimming service today! 

Learn more about our tree trimming services on our Tree Trimming page.

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